Hi there! I'm John


I am a father, husband and a guinness fan! I am a country lad at heart; having hailed from the beautiful Shropshire countryside. I am now based in Manchester and shoot weddings, events and other commissions across the North West England and further afield.


My passion for photography began many years ago. My inspiration to take things seriously begun back in 2007 after a holiday to South Africa. Seeing the awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife stirred something compelling inside me about needing to capture such special moments forever. So from that trip begun an inspiring journey into really taking my photography seriously.


That inspiration remains today and influences my style. One of seeking to capture moments as they are, natural, unstaged and without pressure. Some refer to this as reportage or documentary. Call it what you will, but capturing people having fun, being totally relaxed and having the confidence to forget I am there is a successful cocktail! 


So have a rummage around, I am not the cheapest, I am not the most expensive but I am 100% dedicated to providing you impeccable service. If you're a discerning customer who values excellent service then we look forward to hearing off you today.